Naruto shippuden

Im finally getting caught up in naruto, its about time i know. So i have spent quite a few days watching cus i just cant stop ( p.s i skip the fillers ) its getting quite good. i dont want to spoil the anime for anyone so i wont go into detail but if you like naruto you should continue the series the filler episodes do stop lol.


New gaming videos friday

i will be posting some random videos not sure of what yet thinking of doing a couple of retro games and maybe a few new ones not sure yet but ill keep you posted. If you have anything you would like me to play feel free to ask XD

new place

got a new place today finaly found one that includes the hydro. The only reason i had to have that encluded is that the hydro is going up like crazy the cost of living is quite high. Besides that fact now ill have a new place and a better area to work on more recordings yay.

so sorry :(

Hey guys im sorry i wont be able to post any good quality videos for a little while due to the fact that my computer sucks hard. How ever i did manage to get some game play recorded just need to fix it up then put it up. Im sorry you will not be able to see my face until i get a new computer muahahah no one will know what i look like i may have cat ears who knows.

League of legends 1v1 (coming soon)

So i understand that there are a lot of people out there who like this game. I am one of those people there fore i will be playing some one on one matches with friends of mine. There will be a bit of cursing and so nasty comments but all in good fun. I can’t wait to start making these videos, seems like it will be a lot of fun XD

Omg this movie !!

(Sakasama no ┬áPatema). this movie is a must see, it had me captivated and in love with the story. I din’t understand quite what was the truth till near the end of the movie. I honestly recommend this movie to anyone, even if you do not like anime. It is done in subs as well as dub so go watch it and have a wonderful experience.

Hamster treats

I have a dwarf hamster and they are prone to being diabetic. I though that was quite odd but i did not want to take the chance and give it those extremely sugary treats you buy at the pet store. So i decided to find an alternative that my hamster would go crazy for and i did just that. The best treats i could find where the puff food for babies, i’m not lying they work great. They come in little star shapes which makes watching them eat it super cute. If you have a dwarf hamster i recommend getting it those treats, there cheap and oh so nice to give your hamster as a treat.

Ark dedication

Holly cheese and crackers, I went online to see how the dedicated servers work and there was a lot of work put into the bases that i saw. I managed to slip into a couple just to see the insides and I could tell how much work went into those places. I have been trying to get better at ark but taming the big dinos is crazy hard when you have no help. Even tho i have no help i’m thinking of trying to catch my very first spino dino i’m quite excited about it. Ill most likely die 8 or 9 times before i succeed but in the end it will be worth the effort. Next post will be about my capture i hope!