Naruto shippuden

Im finally getting caught up in naruto, its about time i know. So i have spent quite a few days watching cus i just cant stop ( p.s i skip the fillers ) its getting quite good. i dont want to spoil the anime for anyone so i wont go into detail but if you like naruto you should continue the series the filler episodes do stop lol.


Omg this movie !!

(Sakasama no ┬áPatema). this movie is a must see, it had me captivated and in love with the story. I din’t understand quite what was the truth till near the end of the movie. I honestly recommend this movie to anyone, even if you do not like anime. It is done in subs as well as dub so go watch it and have a wonderful experience.

This anime is great !!

I have recently stumbled apon a new/old anime that i find quite hilarious. Its called Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama, if you are looking for a cute type of anime with a nice love story and a little comedy this is the anime for you. I personally could not stop watching it from beginning to end i was hooked.