My hammy

So i have a pet hamster and its name is kiyo. She is very cute but super mean if your not me. I have been making different cages for her with themes that go along with the month it was made ill be posting some cages soon… stay tuned.


This anime is great !!

I have recently stumbled apon a new/old anime that i find quite hilarious. Its called Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama, if you are looking for a cute type of anime with a nice love story and a little comedy this is the anime for you. I personally could not stop watching it from beginning to end i was hooked.

Ark survival evolved

So i just got this game on ps4, i was told by many people that i should try it. So far it is freaking awsome i love pretty much everything about it. I would say its like mincraft on steroids…. with dinosaurs. I have been playing a non dedicated server, its less hectic due to the fact that other players cant mess with your work. I will by trying out a dedicated server to see how it works and if i can get my self into a team.